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D. Craig Roberts
Transportation Council Vice Chair, Transit
Technology Program Development and Electronic Fare Collection
Utah Transit Authority

D. Craig Roberts is responsible for Technology Program Development and Electronic Fare Collection at the Utah Transit Authority. As such he is managing UTA’s electronic fare collection ski service pilot, charting the course for full system EFC deployment and directing an interagency collaborative technology deployment effort called the Center for Applied Transit Technology.

Prior to joining the staff at UTA, he served as a special fare collection contractor to the agency charged with leading an investigatory effort to understand contactless fare systems in the US and overseas and to suggest a strategy for UTA’s acquisition of an electronic fare collection system.

Before his work at UTA, he worked as a consultant as PBS&J’s Manager for Intelligent Transportation Systems Policy.

Before that he served for nine years as General Counsel at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America or ITS America and as Director for Policy and Partnerships. His portfolio was primarily focused on addressing the institutional, legal and policy issues associated with applying information technology to transportation systems. His duties included oversight of ITS America activities related to Congressional relations, state chapters, regional planning, local outreach, legal issues, strategic planning, and public/private partnerships. He also assisted the ITS America president and board regarding matters of corporate governance. He directed the development of ITS America’s National Deployment Strategy, Saving Lives, Time and Money with Intelligent Transportation Systems: Opportunities and Actions for Deployment.

He received his law degree at the University of Texas at Austin and his B.S. in economics at the University of Houston.

Earlier in his career he conducted policy research at the Houston Advanced Research Center and at Rice Center in Houston regarding innovative public/private partnerships in transportation planning, finance, facility development, and service delivery.

He has also served as program administrator for multi-modal transportation planning for the City of Houston, grants administrator and staff attorney for the Utah Transit Authority, and practiced law privately.